Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Giveaway winner...

I'm pleased to announce the giveaway winner is... Kimberly Wright!!!

Congrats Kim. Your prize is all packaged up and will be in the post tomorrow.

If you didn't win but would still like to treat yourself to some lovely jewellery don't forget that you can get 10% off anything in Dianne's etsy store dearohdeer.etsy.com with the exclusive code BONESOFF until September 3rd. 

Keep checking Dianne's blog too icefloe.blogspot.com she'll be launching her new lookbook and products on September 4th! Very exciting!!

Monday, 22 August 2011

Monday, 15 August 2011


I'm stoked to announce my very first blog giveaway! 

One lucky reader will win two pairs of earrings handmade by the lovely Dianne of DearOhDeer.
All you have to do to enter is pop over to her etsy store - http://dearohdeer.etsy.com and then leave me a comment telling me which item you like best!

Extra entries... leave a separate comment for each of these...
- Follow Di's blog http://icefloe.blogspot.com/ via google or which ever RSS reader you use
- 'Like' DearOhDeer's facebook page - http://www.facebook.com/DearOhDeer

Dianne has just finished making her Autumnal collection - here's a sneak peak! http://instagr.am/p/KRdSD/ Very exciting stuff! To celebrate you guys can get a 10% discount over on etsy using the code - BONESOFF

Entry is open till Sunday 21st. I'll randomly select a winner at 6pm GMT. 

Edited to add - I should've stated that anyone can enter this. It doesn't matter if you're UK based or international!

Good luck!!

Sunday, 14 August 2011


I've read some fascinating articles recently and I wanted to share them! 

This shows the similarities between the recent spate of rioting/looting in London and football hooliganism. Living in Leeds I have to admit that I've seen so many rampaging football fans I've actual become a bit blasé about the whole thing. I'm always surprised when people are shocked to see the city centre crawling with police on a match day. But I digress! I couldn't agree more with everything written in the post - in fact this is something that I've found myself repeating over the past week... 
"There are always lessons to be learnt from the past, if you look in the right places."

They shall take up serpents...
Snakehandlers are something totally foreign to us UK folk. And maybe that's where my interest in them comes from. More than anything I would love to visit Appalachia and travel round photographing these small churches. 
Side note - I have a tattoo on my stomach of a snake and apple - obviously fall of man themed. I find the symbolism of serpents really interesting.

A reader round-table I took part in. It's about how your religious beliefs (or lack thereof) influence your sexuality, morality and views on life and death.

When did "sin" become synonymous with sex? She raises an interesting point... gluttony is one of the seven deadly sins but when was the last time you saw fundamentalist Christians picketing outside a fast-food joint?  

Coal not dole...
So the author of this article visits Pontefract to talk to people about the miners strike. This won me over straight away for two reasons. 1- I'm from Pontefract and 2- my grandad worked in the Prince of Wales Colliery there. I really believe the 84/85 miners strike and the outcome of it has a lot to do with the way things are in the UK today. From how we view the police to the lack of any real sense of community in a lot of areas - the end of the strike and the closure of the mines ushered in a new Britain. This article asks some interesting questions. Is it fair to compare the strike a civil war? What if someone other than Arthur Scargill had led the strikes? Maybe it wasn't a civil war but there's no argument that the miners strike was Britain's most important postwar social confrontation. 

Okay, this isn't a blog post/article it's a video but just let me have it yeah!
I managed to find some other people who really dislike Bon Iver. Unfortunately this video isn't even that funny. SIGH. Man I fucking hate Bon Iver. I only mention this because facebook and twitter is all blah blah Bon Iver blah at the moment. I get the feeling it's going to stay that way until like a month after they tour the UK or something. I guess the problem is - I don't get it. I just don't get it!! It sounds like the kind of music you would hear on an advert for feminine hygiene products. To put it bluntly - this music has no balls. Listen to it. Now imagine going to one of their gigs! I'd be trying to gnaw my hand off out of boredom within ten minutes. Fact. NO THANK YOU.   

I'll leave you with two questions - 
Which of the articles did you prefer?
Do you like Bon Iver? Explain it to me!!

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Summer Crossing.

“Most of life is so dull it is not worth discussing, and it is dull at all ages. When we change our brand of cigarette, move to a new neighborhood, subscribe to a different newspaper, fall in and out of love, we are protesting in ways both frivolous and deep against the not to be diluted dullness of day to day living. Unfortunately, one mirror is as treacherous as another, reflecting at some point in every adventure the same vain unsatisfied face, and so when she asks what have I done? she means really what am I doing? as one usually does.”

Monday, 1 August 2011


Some polaroids from the Blacklisters gig at Santiago.