Thursday, 16 February 2012


Silver spoons from Peru and quartz. 

Silver dust from sawing. 

Finished sawing!


Shaping and sizing the ring. 

On Wednesday I started making a silver ring in my jewellery class. I managed to snap a few photos while I got started. First I sawed the top and bottom off the spoon. I annealed the piece of silver and passed it through rollers a couple of times to flatten it and make it longer. When it was the right thickness I hammered it to straighten it, annealed it again and shaped it into a ring. Next I need to solder it together and then hammer it to the perfect shape/size. Apparently it's better to make it a size or two smaller as the silver stretches while you're hammering it into shape.   I also need to make the simple setting I designed for the quartz and then I'm done! Once I've got a supply of these stones I'll be selling these rings via etsy. 

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Leeds City Museum.

Yesterday I had a little wander around Leeds City Museum. I found it all to be a bit geared up towards kids for my liking but I enjoyed taking photos of the collectors gallery.