Sunday, 4 September 2011


Books. I just re-jigged my bookcase and filled up another shelf. 

Bed! New pillows from Ikea. 

New shoes. 

New (old) mirror.


Things have been a bit quiet round here recently due to insane busyness. Life has consisted of work work work gin gin gin 7am 3 hours sleep work work getting covered in beer inane questions about my tattoos taxi sleep wake-up feel dead inside work what day is it kill me now etc.
In two weeks my crazy job situation will be sorted and regular blog posting with start again!

I was inspired by this post from my lovely wife - She's just moved in with one lucky guy and two cute pets and posted some photos taken in the new gaff. I've been pottering round my flat today after popping to Ikea with my mum so I thought I'd take a few photos. 


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