Friday, 24 June 2011

Forever only takes it's toll on some

Dianne shot some photos of me over the weekend (post processing by me) - These were my favourite ones!
You can find the lovely headbands/bracelets for sale here!


  1. Ooh, I didn't realise you had so many tattoos! Have you ever written about the different ones you have? I'd love to know more about them, I absolutely love tattoos, planning to get my first over summer xx

  2. I haven't! But I see a blog post in the making there ;) Or maybe a little series! Hmmm.... thanks for the idea!

    What are you planning to get? And who are you getting tattooed by? Tell me more!


  3. Ooh! These things aren't actually listed in the store yet...

  4. Thanks Joanna!

    Di - Oops! I shall post again when they are listed!

  5. @Lolo

    I want to get some lyrics on my ribs with some flying bird sort of up my side. I need to find an artist though! Me and my boyfriend are planning on getting our first ones together in August/September to celebrate buying our house and me getting a new job. Did you get yours done in Leeds? Would you recommend anyone?x

  6. @Laura

    Oh awesome! That's a really nice idea! Also congrats on the house buying!!
    What kind of style do you want your tattoo in? Old school, Japanese etc? Dave at Black Crown does really nice birds - he's done some really lovely black/grey ones. Chris at Ultimate Skin is ace too - He has some awesome ideas if you want something a bit quirkier. I've been tattooed by both of them! xo

  7. Your tattoos are pure artwork. I imagine they mostly each have a special significance to them as well. Here in Italy the tattoos people get aren't the greatest- the colors bleed right away!! :/ x

  8. Thank you so much lady! I'm thinking about doing a couple of blog posts featuring some of my tattoos and the meaning behind them etc x

  9. @Lolo

    I'm really open to ideas, but I'll have to have a look at both of them (I'm assuming I'll find them online somewhere!) - it's always great to hear recommendations, it's so difficult to know where to go!

    And, thank you! :D x

  10. @Lolo

    Omg. We just looked up Dave at Black Crown and I think we're both a bit in love with his work. Going to pop in later this month I think to chat and make an appointment! Thanks so much for recommending him! :) xx