Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Royal Armouries...

At the weekend I went to The Royal Armouries with Laura to look at firearms and have a bit of a catch up.  I had to work afterwards so I didn't take my digital SLR with me but I shot a few snaps using instagram.
I've got a few days off at the end of the month so I'm planning on popping down again and taking some proper photos - they've got a new exhibit in there since I last went featuring some beautiful firearms that were produced solely for hunting. 
One of my 'new years resolutions' (I hate calling them that!) is to make the most out of living in Leeds. We've got some great museums, houses, galleries round here and I'm going to check out all the websites and make a note of any special events they have on. I felt like visiting the Armouries in the first week in January was a great start to the year!  


  1. wow, that's really neat! there are a few war museums around here that have knives or swords that people carved out by hand, and they're so intricate and amazing.

  2. Ahhh, I've been trying to do this too! I've done the City museum, the gallery and the armouries in the centre, but that's about it. What else is on your list? Have you ever been to Harewood House? Now we have a car we might be able to do a little bit more rather than relying on public transport :)

    Rosie xx