Thursday, 26 January 2012

The holy grail of nautical books....

On Saturday Dianne and I were lucky enough to attend a bloggers preview of the Caird Library at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich. It was pretty awesome - we got taken upstairs to the store rooms. The amount of documents and books they have in unbelievable! The lovely people there got out some old artefacts for us to look at which were really interesting but the best part was really just getting to look at their extensive book collection. Dianne spent some time looking over a shelf of colour coordinated books on polar exploration while I drooled over a beautiful bound set of Captain Cook journals. They had a really good selection of books on my two Navy favourites - Cook and Nelson! I copied a few titles down to search for at a later date to add to my own collection.    

Check out Dianne's photos over on her blog

Ooh Dianne's new Scott tattoo makes a cheeky appearance in one of the photos below! 


  1. So much better than free mascara.

  2. I am squirming with nerd jealousy.
    And the Scott tattoo is sweet.

    Thanks for your comments on my blog - on the subject of Sherlock, I am a complete Sherlock nerd and have read every short story and all 4 novellas. I actually studied Sherlock Holmes stories for a whole semester in my second year at uni... Yeah, nerd. Haha.

  3. thank you !! and i am thank you! hope your life is marvelous aswell !

    take care!

  4. Oh, those are some special books! They look beautiful