Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Final call.


Seeing the wifes blog post today made me realise that I should do something similar! Recently I seem to either be really busy or really ill and time is just flying by! 

While walking around the city centre yesterday I suddenly realised that I need to start thinking about Christmas shopping soon! I bought a little something for someone yesterday. I'm in Berlin this weekend so I'm hoping I can pick up some nice things over there. 

So... last shipping dates! 

Domestic / UK - December 20th.
Europe -December 12th
Rest of the World  -December 5th

You need to place orders by these dates to guarantee delivery in time for Christmas.  
I can always arrange a courier service though if need be. Just get in touch! Everything comes giftwrapped too so if you'd like to purchase an item and have me mail it to someone else, again just ask my lovelies! 

So if you pop over to etrespicefinem.etsy.com you can see what I have on offer! New items will be going up over the next couple of weeks. The code 'FALLOUT' will still get you 15% off an item too.

Check back tomorrow for a giveaway! 


  1. yes, this is definitely a good idea, and if you and wife don't mind, i'm jumping on this train, too! i sometimes forget to post final shipping dates, but i think it's so important (seeing as how i had a certain customer in australia that turned evil when a gift she bought for someone didn't arrive in less than a week as she hoped it would).

  2. Get on board! I wouldn't have thought about doing it at all if not for Dianne. No one wants customers getting evil!

  3. I am always so shocked when customers genuinely think the post is that fast, especially to the other side of the world! Has to be done. I still expect some people to not remember!

    Good luck ladies, bring on the hols. Oh wait. I dont actually get any.

    Bring on teh mulled wine!

  4. Wow, Berlin should be pretty sweet for Christmas shopping - I made a tentative start on mine today, too. Hoping I can gift some of your jewels (loving my garnet necklace).

  5. Mulled wine for all!!

    Rachel - So glad you're digging the necklace :) That is one of my favourites at the moment too. I've been wearing it every day! I need to start shopping/crafting gifts now 'cause if I leave it to last minute I won't have enough money/time!