Saturday, 14 May 2011


For the last week in April I flew over to Dublin (£35 return -thank you RyanAir) to spend some time with my friend Laura. I loose track of how long we've known each other. I think about 5 years. It seems like a lot longer. She's one of those really great friends where you don't have to speak to each other very often but as soon as you see each other it's like you've never been apart. 

We spent most of the time wandering round and Laura showed me her favourite places. One of the most interesting places we went to was the Natural History Museum. There is a taxidermied badger! That you can touch!! And the giant deer skeletons are pretty jaw dropping.

Epic pizza slice

The Huguenot Cemetery

LMC at The Natural History Museum



Pro Life clinic... sigh

Matching rings from Forever 21

I love these masks on Lauras wall

Lauras flat has an amazing view

Perching on the sill

Lighting in the Gypsy Rose Rock & Blues Bar

C U Next Tuesday club night

The next day on the boardwalk

Homeward bound

The highlight of the trip, aside from spending some quality time with Laura, was definitely going for tea and cake every day! The last place we went to before I went to the airport was The Queen of Tarts. It was sooooo good. I recommend the Victorian sponge cake with fresh strawberries!