Friday, 20 May 2011


Yesterday was a good post day! I got some supplies that I'd been waiting for.



I turned the carnelian stones into necklaces last night and got them up in the etsy store.   

Finished necklaces!

I think with the amethyst I'm to string a few together horizontally. I would've liked to have hung them vertically but they're not centre drilled! Hmmm. I need to play around with them a bit more.

Today has been another good post day. I've recieved pyrite, pearls and turquoise. I can't wait to make these guys into necklaces. But alas the dress I'm waiting for from ASOS has not arrived.

After work I'm getting the train down to London to see Hazel and Dianne. It should make a nice change from getting the coach! I've got a provisional plan involving the coach to the Netherlands in a month or so. I figure it's a good way of seeing some different scenery. Also I'm sick of flying. Leeds Bradford Airport is horrible.  
The other day I decided to subscribe to Lonely Planet Magazine. They've got a sweet offer on at the moment where you get 5 issues for £5. I won't recieve my first issue to next month but I've heard really good things about it. I'll be sure to post a review! I get the feeling that when I read it I'm just going to want to pack up and go exploring.