Tuesday, 31 May 2011

I remember Halloween.

Jeez. I've just realised that I have a full on caffeine addiction. This is something I’m going to try and break at some point. But right now it’s like sweet jesus I need this to get through the day.

I was going to write a weekend round up post but I seem to have lost my mojo. Let me see if I can condense everything –

Saturday – Reetsweet Craft Fair at Nation of Shopkeepers. This was loads of fun. As the Reetsweet events always are! I spent Friday night getting everything ready so Saturday morning was nice and easy. I chucked everything in a bag and headed down to the venue for 11am to set up. It was nice to catch up with some crafty people I haven’t seen for a while and meet some new ones. The amount of people checking out the stalls was kind of steady but definitely seemed to pick up between 3 – 5pm. Some well good nachos and cupcakes were eaten and Claire (who makes amazing wooden brooches by the way) and I decided to share a table at the Reetsweet event at the Corn Exchange on June 5th.
At 5pm I packed up and made my way home, inhaled some food and turned around and went straight back into the city centre to meet Sofia for some cocktails at Neon Cactus. They do the best strawberry daiquiri in Leeds hands down. HANDS DOWN FOLKS. If you ever find yourself in Leeds please go and try one. They will not disappoint. After that everything is a bit hazy. There were more cocktails at Milo. Then I went to Santiago to see some bands play. I bumped into loads of people that I hadn’t seen for ages which is always good! I also spent a good amount of the night covered in vodka and lemonade (not mine) which was a bit bum but the good far outweighed the bad.

Sunday – Despite feeling like I’d been hit by a bus I managed to get out of bed and go have a meeting with my new boss Michaela. It was awesome and I really can’t wait to start working with her. Then I went home and didn’t do much of anything.

Monday – I love bank holidays. LOVE THEM. Seriously. So despite still feeling a bit crap I decided I was going to make the most of it. The first thing I did was alter an American Apparel skirt that I got from them in their April fools sale. It was a pencil skirt but the length just didn’t suit me. I figure I’m too short for pencil skirts. Anyway, 15 minutes with the sewing machine and I had a mini skirt! Problem solved! It worked out really well actually and I wore it for the rest of the day – I also realised that everything I was wearing (apart from my Converse) was from American Apparel *facepalm*.
In the afternoon I met up with Kaytie. We had some amazing veggie enchiladas before going to our first pole dancing class. Hilariously we got the sessions wrong and showed up to the advanced class. But it actually worked out quite well. It was so much fun and I’ll definitely be going back. I am actually looking at poles on ebay at the moment. That’s how much I enjoyed it!

Hang on. I was supposed to be condensing all this guff. Eh. I'll leave it at that then. Some photos from the craft fair will be posted tomorrow.

One last thing - last night I listened to this well interesting podcast about terror management. Basically it's a theory that we construct culture and all it's trappings in an unconscious effort to create meaning in life and to distract us from becoming obsessed with our inevitable death. Apparently there's a process called distal defense where people cling more strongly to the culture they identify with when faced with their own mortality. In the podcast they talked about some research that was done about this process involving judges handing out sentences and it seemed to prove it existed.
If you're interested read more about it here and here. I'd like to know what you think. 


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