Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Giggle pants.

I love this photograph of myself and Hazel. Probably 'cause I'm feeling a little fed up right now but this photo reminds me that I do actually spend a lot of time laughing and having fun. 
I'm blaming the glumness on the changing of the seasons and the darkness. I wanted to go out and shoot some photos at sunset but it was so grey there wasn't really any point. 

I spent this evening looking through four years worth of photographs and it got me reminiscing. Not even about anything in particular. But I got a little sad as a lot of my best girl friends don't live in the same city as me. In fact most don't live in the same country. Good job we have the internet now right?

Then my brain went on one of those roller-coaster rides of of thinking about random things. Which reminded me that the only roller-coasters I can stand to go on are the Wild Mouse ones! But they're not real roller-coasters are they? Probably not. And then I thought about the nicest compliment anyone has ever paid me. Which might be 'you're the happiest person I know'. Anyone who spent any time with me towards the end of last year will surely be proud of how far I've come. That and I've got a 'solid handshake' apparently. It's funny how it's the little things that matter. 


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