Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Nuclear winter - 15% off!

FINALLY etsy have added a feature so you can change the name of your store!
So welcome to et respice finem. Which is Latin for 'and look to the end.' I thought the name fit quite nicely with the name of this blog, and my more 'morbid' bone pieces.

I've added a lot of my new winter range to the store - nuclear winter was the concept - and I have to say I'm so please with these pieces. Definitely some of my favourite I've created so far. I can't wait to get some more bone pieces up soon! And I've created bracelets for the first time!

These are a few of my favourite things I have up so far...

I'm so stoked to finally get this line live I'm offering a 15% discount on everything if you enter FALLOUT at checkout! 

In other news, pop over to the wifes blog and take a look at some photos she took in my flat, some photos she took of my cat, and some photos she took in my favourite junky warehouse 'Swiss Cottage'. She has some mad photo skills. 


  1. that labradorite bracelet is super pretty, and i love the way the last picture looks with someone wearing the necklace.

    also, i thought that might be you when i looked at her post. i have never heard of a stoat (i guess because we're on different continents), but that thing is crazy!

  2. Lovely jubbly. I like that black stone.

  3. Couldn't resist that garnet... Although it was a tough choice, all of these are amazing!