Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Swiss Cottage Antiques

The wife was up for the weekend and the first place I took her was to Swiss Cottage Antiques. This massive antique warehouse just around the corner from my flat. Keep an eye on Dianne's blog for more photos soon as she was LOVING it. 
I made two purchases. This sweet 1953 Coronation mini tankard. I think I'm going to take it to the bars I frequent and insist upon having my cocktails in it!
I also had to buy the framed religious needlepoint. It has a label on the back from the company who framed it but no date. I'd say at the latest it's from the 70s. I just had to get it. I've hung it above my bed. No I'm not religious. I just have a really weird sense of humour! 

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  1. i am very inspired by your photos. you are a talented blogger, and enjoyed browsing very much. new follower-hope to visit again and hope i can stay connected. cheers!